NIGHT WATCH: Interview Segment (Paul Drollinger & Ed Wendell) 5/6/2017
NIGHT WATCH (a Robot Submarine Production), is a live Internet event. The result of a vision that evolved. Once a weird talk/variety show with radio elements, Night Watch is now a no nonsense event with an open schedule. I do a Night Watch event every Saturday night (barring the unforeseen) direct from Studio M where I give you an hour long show (shows often run into overtime) with a ton of music, interesting guests and co-hosts, live performances, and some Skype call-ins. Interview with luthier, Linda Manzer, on "The Manzer Medusa Guitar". Linda created this amazing guitar in collaboration with guitarplayer & composer, Henrik Andersen. After the interview with Linda Henrik plays the Medusa. If you want to know more about Linda Manzer, please visit: You can also visit Henrik Andersen´s website here:
Drummer by the name of Ben Harris giving an amazing drum solo to a small crowd inside a music store.
Check out this amateur drum off

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Made by Lasse Gjertsen in2006.
Trivia: The drum sequence was filmed in Norway, and the piano sequence was recorded in Italy, approximately half a year apart, but the whole thing was edited in a couple of days. Hey there! Here are the 3 easiest, most effective ways to improve your singing voice right away, yielding both short and long term results. For more singing tips videos, lessons on how to improve your singing, song breakdowns and other goodies, please don't forget to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel